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Bondi Salon is a a space where guests can come to relax and be pampered. With large workspaces, customized services, and natural products.  Bondi Salon gives our guests a feeling of security, comfort, and exclusivity.  The experience is focused on our guest.  Opened in August 2019, as Downtown Holland's premier salon, the Bondi experience is focused entirely on you! Our goal is to listen to your needs and give you a comprehensive consultation that looks at your hair care and hair treatment as a vehicle of self-expression and future health.

We care about our clients, our stylists, our community and what our products are made of. Bondi Salon's wealth of experience, salon environment, and our caring friendly staff contribute to our guests overall feeling of health and happiness. We have our own natural, vegan, gluten, and cruelty free hair care products. We use ethically-sourced clean formulas, which are composed of more than 90% natural ingredients.


My husband and I enjoy traveling, and our 

experiences have shown the value and beauty in nature and people all over the world. The word Bondi comes from the Australian Aboriginal language meaning “water over breaking rocks” 

Water has played a sigificant role in my life. Between living on a lake, or in Hawaiian Kona Coast, and when I am shampooing clients in the salon.            I have come to understand the healing power of water.  Water brings a feeling of peace, a feeling I would like to share with my guests at Bondi Salon. We also try to bring a feeling of love and compassion to our team at Bondi. We think it is vital to nurture our teams creativity and passions. When our stylists are the best they can be it translates to the guests experience.

​We invite you to come in and get pampered.  Thank you for choosing Bondi Salon.

Christina & Nathaniel Boeve-Owners

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