Bondi Salon is a a space where guests can come to relax and be pampered with large workspaces, customized holistic spa treatments, and tailored hair services.  Bondi Salon gives our guests a feeling of security, comfort, and exclusivity.  The experience is focused on our guest.  Our goal is to educate and give our valued guests customized services, treatments, products, and a comprehensive consult that looks at our clients hair care and treatment results for future health, and creative expression if desired.

We care about our guests health and the health of our stylist. We care about our community and how our products are made, the ingredients, and how we can improve the world.  The Bondi Salon experience, salon environment, and our caring friendly service contribute to our guests overall feeling of health and happiness.  Bondi Salon has its very own natural, vegan, gluten, and cruelty free hair care products. Our products are ethically sourced, clean formulas, and include the purest ingredients that compost more than 90% of our formulas.


Bondi Salon strives to become a leader in the industry. As “waste warriors”, we are dedicated to making beauty beautiful as a certified sustainable Green Circle Salon.  We use single use biodegradable towels made from renewable sources to cut down on water usage and energy, diverting 98% of our waste.

The meaning of Bondi comes from the aboriginal word meaning “water over breaking rocks” 

Water has played a certain role in my life: whether it’s been my time living on or near a lake, my time in Hawaii on the Kona Coast which has some of the cleanest and clearest waters on Earth, or when I am shampooing a client.  I believe there is a lot of healing powers with water.  The sound of moving water is very relaxing, and gives me an overall feeling of peace.  This feeling is something I want to embody and share with my guests at Bondi Salon.

My Husband and I are well traveled. Through our travels, we fell in love and found beauty in nature, and all the different people we have met.  Through these experiences we wanted to bring love and compassion to our team at Bondi and nurture their creativity and passions so that they can be the best they can be, and by doing this it will be translated to our guest experiences at Bondi Salon.

Launching in 2020, Bondi Salon will add custom Head Spa services; a facial for your scalp used for treating scalp sensitivities and hair loss.  


We invite you to come in and get pampered.  Please mention that you have looked at our website when you come in on your first visit.