Women's Haircut: $30 and up

Men's Haircut: $20 and up

Child's Haircut: $18 and up

Bang Trim: $5

Neckline $5

Beard Trim $10

Mustache Trim $5


Blowout: $20 & up

Long Hair Finish: $10

Iron Add-on: $10

Updo: $75


Retouch: $45 and up

Retouch & Foil: $78 and Up

Full Foil: $75 and up

Partial Head Foil: $45 and Up

Balayage: $110

All Over Color: $63 and Up

Mustache Tint

or Side Burn tint: $16

Eye Brow Tint: $15

Full Beard Tint: $25


Brazilian Blowout Smoothing

Treatment: $200 and up

Perm: $80 and up


Henna Brow Treatment: $25 (30 minutes)

A safer way to color the brows as well as staining the skin, which cast a shadow creating a n illusion of depth, henna is a natural dye made from plants. (Skin fades: 7-14 days; Hair fades: 4 weeks)

Signature Detox & Gua Sha Facial: $85 (60 minutes)

An analysis of the skin using Traditional Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, gua sha and jade rolling to support lymphatic detoxification, hand massage, scalp massage and foot reflexology.

Lymphatic Drainage Bodywork: $85 (60 minutes)

A specific protocol designed to stimulate the lymphatic system to improve metabolism, promoting removal of waste, and toxins encouraging a healthy immune system.

Raindrop Therapy: $95 (60 minutes)

Uses the art of aromatherapy to balance the body and enhance the immune system. Benefits are felt physically, mentally, and spiritually. A unique blend of oils penetrate the spine and back where healing at a cellular level can occur. Viruses are believed to lie dormant in the spinal column until the immune system weakens causing inflammation in the spine.

Cranial Sacral Therapy: $85 (60 minutes)

This method of therapy works the bones of the head, spinal column, and sacrum facilitating in the release of tension and stagnation a in the body using gentle touch.

Hand & Foot Reflexology: $60 (45 minutes)

Works with pressure points on the hands and feet that correspond to every part, organ and gland of the body; foot soak if able.

Naturopathic Lifestyle & Health Assessments: $45 (30 minutes)

Consultation to learn what modalities may be best for you in our healing journey.


60 minute Classic Facial: $65

This facial is customized for your specific skin type and needs. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, masques, extractions, toning, active and concentrated serums and hydration. It also includes a face, scalp, feet, hand and arm massage.

30 minute Consultation Facial: 35

Not sure what service you or your skin needs? Or maybe you just need a quick pick me up? We offer a 30 minute consult that includes cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliant and hydration to find the perfect fit for you in the future. 


Blueberry Smoothie Peel: $77

A polishing antioxidant peel, this service combine a lactic acid exfoliant with a manual scrub to smooth and soften rough, uneven skin for a balanced, dramatically smoother complexion. 


Pomegranate Peel: $77

A great peel for all skin types and conditions, this gentle treatment exfoliates the skin leaving it radiant, renewed and glowing. 


Essential Peptide Peel: $85

This all purpose Retinol treatment combines Lactic Acid and Retinol which reduces the look of aging skin, unveiling a brighter, suppler complexion. This treatment also helps protect the skin from future damage post treatment. 

(disclaimer: We highly recommend that our clients come in for a 30 minute consultation facial, or take one of our pre peel kits home before scheduling an essential peptide peel in order for us to analyze your skin and prepare for optimal results) 


Eyebrow wax: $16 

Lip: $10

Lip/Chin: $16 

Lip/Brow, and Chin: $28

Full Face: $35 

Half Leg: $44

Full Leg: $77

Bikini Classic: $42 

Bikini Extended: $52 

Brazilian: $65

(for questions about the amount removed please contact us) 

Under Arm: $20 

Half Arm: $25 

Full Arm: $35 

Back/or Chest: $65

Lash Services: 

Lash Lift and Tint: $77

Brighten up your eyes with our lash lifting and tinting service!

Instead of having to curl and apply mascara to your lashes every day,

we can curl them for you with our Elleebana solutions and tint them

to give you darker, fuller lashes. Your lift will last anywhere between

6-8 weeks depending on your lash growth cycle. 

For questions on this service give us a call 

Just a Lift: $57

Just a Tint: $25 

F. Set Classic: $202

F. Set Volume: $252

Volume Fill: $67

Classic Fill: $57

New Client Transfer: $57

Touch-up Fill: $30

Bridal Makeup Services: 


Our bridal package includes a full makeup trial before hand with one of our makeup artists, full application on the day of, as well as lashes for both services.

 (This is a set price. We understand a lot of brides are coming from out of town and cannot make it for a trial run. If this is the case, then we would set up a time where you and your makeup artist can FaceTime or have a phone conversation to go over the details of your makeup requirements and what look you are going for. Your makeup artist will take notes during this time) 

Special Occasion Makeup: $80

Bridal Updo $95

Bridal Blowout and Style: $60 and up

In house or on location

Please use the link below to email our bridal consultant for prices on wedding parties in house or on location.